Day: May 14, 2024

The Duke of Cambridge Visits SingaporeThe Duke of Cambridge Visits Singapore

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The NUS Singapore History Prize was established in 2014 when an anonymous donor provided an endowed gift to fund the prize, administered by the Department of History at NUS. The Prize was created to enliven interest in Singapore’s long history and its place in the world, by casting a wide net to consider works that deal with history. It is open to books published in, or translated into, English by creators of any nationality.

During his visit, the Duke of Cambridge will try his hand at dragon boating, a popular pastime in Singapore and many parts of the world, and meet local people to see how they are working to protect and restore the environment. His trip comes as his charity, the Royal Foundation, launches a new competition to encourage people to find solutions to climate change. The Earthshot Prize, which is named after President Kennedy’s Moonshot programme, will offer five PS1m awards to companies that are developing solutions to the global climate crisis.

At the event, the Duke of Cambridge will also launch a prize for artificial intelligence research in the area of online safety, to encourage researchers to develop multimodal and multilingual AI models that can discern between benign and harmful memes in different languages and cultures. The prize will be awarded to the best submission based on a 10-week competition.

In addition, the NUS-Singapore Water Week conference will bring together leaders from government, business and academia to explore innovative solutions to urban water challenges and promote Singapore’s role as a global hub for water innovation. It will also celebrate pioneers from around the world who have helped advance the water industry in Singapore. This year’s conference will feature talks and workshops by some of the world’s leading experts on water and energy issues.

During the visit, the Duke of Cambridge will meet with Singaporeans to hear how they are working to support the country’s green goals, including through the use of sustainable food and energy. He will also attend a global summit, hosted by the Government of Singapore and the United for Wildlife organisation, to discuss the threat to wildlife products from poaching and trafficking.

At the TOTO arcade, which is located in a tindakan at a shopping centre in central Singapore, a middle-aged man who did not want to be named told CNA that he stops by about once a week to play games and earn prizes such as trading cards. He said he usually spends about half an hour each time. The TOTO game was launched in 1968 and is the first lottery game offered by Singapore Pools. It has evolved over the years, and was updated in 1981 to include a snowballing feature that allowed prize amounts to increase if no winners were found. It is now a six-out-of-45 game and has an assured top prize of S$500,000. The TOTO is a popular choice for Singaporeans.

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