What is Data Hk?


Data hk is a platform for sharing data on Hong Kong. It aims to raise awareness about open data, its benefits and challenges. It also demonstrates best practices and introduces international data standards to the city. The website was created by the Hong Kong Information Technology Services Authority (ITSA) and is supported by 19 sets of established open data principles and assessment tools at international and regional levels.

Data is an asset and needs to be managed in accordance with legal requirements. This includes the PDPO, which requires data users to protect personal data with appropriate safeguards. These include, among others, a requirement to adopt measures that ensure the security of data transferred out of Hong Kong (DPP 2(3)). This includes ensuring that data transferees comply with the PDPO and that they do not process the data for purposes other than those specified in a PICS notified to a data subject on or before the original collection of the data.

In addition, a data user must not transfer personal data out of Hong Kong if the destination jurisdiction’s law or practice does not adequately protect it in all material respects (DPP 3(3)). This obligation can be met by imposing appropriate contractual and other measures on a data importer or, alternatively, by conducting a thorough risk assessment in advance of any transfer. In the latter case, a data importer may be able to proceed without supplementary measures if it can demonstrate that there is no reason to believe that relevant and problematic laws will be interpreted or applied in practice in the way feared by the data exporter.

Ultimately, a company’s success is dependent on the quality of its data. This includes a clear definition of what constitutes personal data and an understanding of how it was collected, where it came from, where it is going, and which systems it has passed through. It also includes a mechanism to keep the data up-to-date and an ongoing process of enriching datasets with new information.

In the future, data hk is likely to become more important for businesses of all kinds. With increased competition, it is increasingly necessary to have access to the right data at the right time to make better decisions and provide greater value for customers. This will require a wide range of businesses to consider how they can create and use data effectively, including the rethinking of current business models. A key challenge will be finding a balance between the need to have access to data and the need to comply with privacy regulations. This is a complex task that will require close cooperation between data users, regulators and other stakeholders. It is a task that will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.