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Online Blackjack StrategiesOnline Blackjack Strategies

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Online blackjack strategies revolve around the idea of standing when you think your hand is strong enough to win. Standing means you have nothing to hide and can wait for the other players to stand as well. If you keep on hitting, you risk going bust. If your hand totals more than 21 points, you lose your bet. Online blackjack strategies focus on standing to avoid this situation. For more information, read on! And to avoid losing your money, learn how to stand!

Basic strategy

A simple basic blackjack strategy can be learned and memorized in about one hour. However, you may want to take some mathematical assistance in learning how to maximize your profit. A blackjack basic strategy chart will guide you through the various strategies a player can use. In addition to basic blackjack strategy charts, this article has numerous illustrations and easy-to-understand chart diagrams. The chart diagrams will explain how to best use different hands to win.

Double down

When to double down on blackjack? The DDAS (Double Down After Split) option is available when a player has two or more cards of the same point value. In this way, a player can double their bet, and increase their chances of winning. It is not for the conservative or clueless player, but for those whose intuition tells them that they have a winning hand. It is a good blackjack strategy tip to know when to double down after splitting a pair of cards.


In most online casinos, there’s an option to play Blackjack Surrender. Although this option isn’t available for every blackjack game, it can be an important tool to help players minimize their losses. Blackjack is a game where the odds are stacked against you, and surrendering can increase your chances of winning. Here’s a look at when you might want to use this option. And remember that the bonus amount isn’t always what you’d expect.


Depending on the casino, you may be able to choose a pair to split in blackjack. Usually, you can split any pair, but some casinos impose restrictions on splitting. Knowing the best pair to split depends on the number of decks and face-up cards you have. This article will examine the best pair to split in blackjack. It also discusses the best strategy when it comes to blackjack splitting. If you want to win more money in blackjack, read on to learn more about blackjack splitting strategies.


If you’re a novice in Blackjack, you might have heard about blackjack insurance. This bet will give you a two-to-one payout if the dealer has a blackjack, making it a great way to avoid the rookie mistakes of novice players. But before you start betting on Blackjack insurance, you need to understand how it works. It’s not the same as poker insurance, which is why you need to know what it is and how it can help you.

Hi-Lo card counting system

If you want to learn how to count cards in blackjack, you can learn the Hi-Lo card counting system. This card counting system works by dividing cards into three groups: high, low, and zero. When you are playing blackjack, the Ace can be either one or eleven. The Hi-Lo system, however, groups the Ace as a high card. This way, you’ll be able to determine which card is most likely to turn up next.