The Sidney Prize


sidney prize

The sidney prize is a competition for young writers in the genre of science fiction and fantasy. The award carries prestige in the publishing world and is open to writers with varying experience. In addition, authors of winning titles may be eligible for a Sydney Taylor Manuscript seal to place on their books.

The prize is a collaboration between Overland Magazine and the Neilma Sidney Foundation, a literary non-profit founded by the poet. It is awarded annually to a young writer who has written a piece of prose based on overland magazine articles or other material that reflects the theme of Overland.

Currently, the prizes are offered to undergraduate and graduate students. To compete, a student must submit an article that has been published in Overland during the previous calendar year and meet the submission requirements.

For more information, please contact the chair of the Overland Magazine committee or the coordinator of the AJL Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award.

A sidney prize winner can be awarded a certificate and a cash prize of up to $2,500. Alternatively, the winner can have their work featured in an AJL publication.

This award is open to all students in the University of Texas System. The prize will be awarded to a first-year or sophomore undergraduate or a senior student in any subject within the College of Liberal Arts.

The prize is sponsored by the UT Libraries. It is given to a student in the UT System who has completed their major and has a strong interest in art history. The scholarship may be used to support a field trip or other activity related to the study of art history.

In addition, the UT Libraries may award this scholarship to a faculty member who is interested in fostering a greater awareness of art history in their department. The award is based on the criteria of quality of work, creativity and originality.

Several UT Libraries programs offer Sidney awards or fellowships to students who have made an outstanding contribution in the fields of literature, history, science, art and technology. The awards are intended to encourage students in a particular discipline to pursue their goals and achieve success.

These programs have been generously supported by the Sidney Award Foundation. In turn, these funds have been made available through the support of a number of donors.

The Sidney Hillman Foundation supports the SS Sidney Awards, a monthly journalism award given out to “outstanding investigative journalism in service of the common good.” This award is presented to journalists who report deeply and have a significant impact on the public debate through their writing or reporting.

A Sidney award recipient is honored at the Society’s Triennial Council meeting in the Key Reporter and General Newsletter and may also be recognized on social media. Nominations for the Sidney Award are due a year and a half prior to the Triennial Council meeting, in January of each year.

In 1991, the Society established the Sidney Hook Memorial Award to recognize national distinction by a single scholar in each of three endeavors: scholarship, undergraduate teaching, and leadership in the cause of liberal arts education. This award is awarded to a Phi Beta Kappa member who has made an outstanding contribution to one or more of these three areas of scholarship.