The Sidney Prize

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sidney prize

The Sidney Prize is a prestigious award that recognises students who have excelled in their studies as well as contributed to society/student life. It is a great way to reward those who have done well and can help to encourage others to do the same. The prize is awarded by the university and can be given to students of all ages.

The prize is named after the late Sidney Cox, a professor of English at Dartmouth for 24 years. Sidney was a devoted teacher and loved writing. He was open-minded and willing to challenge accepted dogma. He also believed that science should be used for the benefit of mankind. Sidney was also a great believer in free expression and freedom of speech. This is reflected in the fact that he often spoke out against censorship and in favor of free expression in academia.

Sidney was a true gentleman and was held in high regard by his peers. He was frank and direct and did not mince words. His friends and colleagues knew where he stood on most issues. His opinions were always respected. Sidney worked tirelessly to promote scientific research and was an advocate for free expression in academic circles. His dedication to these causes was a testament to his character and will be remembered by all who know him.

In addition to teaching and scholarly work, Sidney was an avid sportsman. He played tennis and golf and he was an accomplished sailor. He also wrote several novels and poetry. He was also involved in the community and he was a member of the Rotary Club. He also served as president of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees.

In recognition of his service to the community, the Dartmouth Alumni Association has established the Sidney H. Mead Award to be awarded each year to an advanced graduate student or a recent doctoral degree candidate who submits the best unpublished article stemming from dissertation research that contributes significantly to the study of church history and/or the general field of historical studies in Christianity. The scholarship is sponsored by the Sidney H. Mead Foundation and the article will be published in Church History.

The Sidney Price is a pre-made Sim that appears in the Copperdale world that shipped with The Sims 4: High School Years. He lives in a townhouse with his parents Janae and Marcel Price, siblings Savannah and Jayden Price, and roommate Kevin Puri. He has both men and women as his Romance and Mess Around preferences and is shown to have a crush on Liam Beckett in the game trailers and promotional screenshots. The prize is awarded monthly and nominations close on the last day of each month. Subscribers to Overland can enter the competition at a discounted rate. The winner is notified the following month. Nominations may be submitted for either one-off pieces or those that have appeared in the magazine.