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data sgp

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SGP analyses are typically conducted in an operational context where multiple analysis runs (e.g., a year’s worth of analyses) are scheduled to run at regular intervals. To reduce the number of code required to execute these analyses, the SGP package offers high level wrapper functions that “wrap” the steps above into a single function call, simplifying the source code associated with each analysis.

The data sgp used for SGP analyses is typically stored in the sgpData database which is included in the SGP package. The sgpData database contains a student longitudinal record for each student. This record includes a unique student identifier and scale scores for each content area assessment in 5 years.

sgpData also contains state specific meta-data in the embedded SGPstateData column. This meta-data is used to perform SGP calculations when analyzing state data. For more information about how to use sgpData for SGP analyses, consult the SGP data analysis vignette for detailed instructions.

When preparing data for SGP analyses, it is important to decide whether the data will be formatted in WIDE or LONG format. For most SGP analyses, it is best to use the LONG format since all higher level wrapper functions are designed to work with long data sets. Additionally, using LONG formatted data has numerous preparation and storage benefits compared to using the WIDE data formats.

Moreover, the LONG data format is more suitable for storing historical SGP analyses that will be reused for future analysis. Since SGP analyses are often conducted over an operational time period, utilizing the LONG format of the data can make it easier to update and compare past SGP analyses with current analyses. The SGP package provides wrapper functions abcSGP and updateSGP that will automatically convert a WIDE dataset into the LONG data format when necessary. For more details about the use of these wrapper functions, consult the SGP package documentation.